Women Wednesdays: Sally Rosenberg Says Timing Is Right For “Invincible The Musical” (It’s Friday, Better Late Than Never 😊)

If you are a fan of  WYFL1180 AM’s “From Bullets To Broadway," then you saw “Un-Block The Music’s” story about Sally Rosenberg and her musical in the making, Invincible (https://unblockthemusic.blog/2020/05/18/humans-need-humans-story-of-emergency-hits-home-more-than-ever/). The radio show, hosted by Dan McCaughan is the Anatomy of A Broadway Show, Featuring Emergency The Musical. “Un-Block The Music” sits in on the... Continue Reading →

Women Wednesday: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Every Wednesday, “Un-Block The Music” has posted an interview with a woman making the difference in music today. If only I could interview Sister Rosetta Tharpe today. What would she say? I have a long list of women interviewed for the blog and I am excited to share those stories, but, “Un-Block the Music” is... Continue Reading →

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