While my husband hikes the Adirondacks, I hike the streets of Greenwich Village. As a music journalist for 25 years, I am obviously in-tune to what is available all over the internet, but I still like to explore Record Stores and talk to artists and others passionate about music. Although my once spiky hair is now a little flatter, this born-again Joan Jett decided to start this blog to offer music news and artist interviews and talk with others whose music interests go beyond DJ Khaled. Admittedly, one of my favorite moments of the VMAs this year was watching Rod Stewart team up with Joe Jonas for “Do Ya think I’m Sexy?”

I love when artists from different generations and different music genres collaborate. After writing for probably 20 or more publications, I decided that there are so many things I want to write about, and blogging will finally let me do that. I have contacts that go back in time but writing for In Tune has lead me to new contacts and new music. And, that’s where I want this blog to go! If you love music, you should at least expose yourself to all of it at least once.

While the voice of Kendrick Lamar may be relevant to you today, is his message really any different from protest songs of the 1960s? Perhaps it is cliché to say…music brings people together…but it does! Taylor Swift and Diana Ross appeared together on the American Music Awards this year. I hope this blog will explore common threads as well as new threads whether that will be from an artist, producer or even a gear manufacturers point of view!

Who The Heck is Debbie Galante Block

Remember when the teacher asked you to write an essay and every one groaned? I didn’t! I officially said that I wanted to be a writer in 4th grade. I didn’t realize what that meant until I went to college and realized journalism was my passion. Specifically, music journalism. It took some years and some writing for technical publications until I met Randy Savicky, then editor of Pro Sound News! Working fulltime during the day writing about chemicals and recycling, I was also writing articles at night for Pro Sound.

That is how I found my way into music journalism writing about pro audio equipment and eventually having the amazing good fortune to interview top music producers. The first was the late great Phil Ramone.

Pro Sound lead me to Billboard where I became “quote queen.” I worked on many special issues for producers and artists interviewing everyone from Lionel Ritchie to Steven Tyler to Celine Dion…still my top favorites. I also went to the talk with producers such as Elliot Scheiner, Al Schmitt and Nile Rodgers who not only has produced Chic, but has won a GRAMMY for producing Daft Punk!

The list of publications I have written for goes on and on (you can see some of those old articles if you care to on another part of the blog) The publications include : Emedia, Tape Disc Business, DVD Report, Digital2Disc, Musician, Pop Sugar and for quite some time now In Tune Partners publications which have given me access to song writers and artists both pop and Broadway. And, In Tune’s focus is young musicians giving me a different perspective on music, instruments, gear and how you can bring that all together on a stage…at a concert or in a Broadway musical.

So send me messages, and I will try and track down your favorites and find out who their mentors are, who their dream collaborations will be, and in some cases, how they have remained relevant through the decades.

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