Latest Episode Of WFYL’s From “Bullets To Broadway” Explores The Importance Of Creating Music That Digs Deep Into The Human Spirit; Rebroadcast Nov. 28

“From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show” (FBTB) has had the wonderful task of breaking down the anatomy of Emergency The Musical written by Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy. “Un-Block The Music” is part of WFYL 1180 AM’s radio show, hosted by Sgt. Dan McCaughan. While we talk about the mechanics of creating... Continue Reading →


Not only did “Un-Block The Music” vote today in honor of my daughters Erica Block, Holly Block and myself Debbie Galante Block, I voted today in remembrance of all the suffragists and suffragettes… White, African American and every other race, creed or religion that fought for the right!!! Thank you…. Madelin Beckinridge Gertrude Foster Brown... Continue Reading →

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