Women Wednesday: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Every Wednesday, “Un-Block The Music” has posted an interview with a woman making the difference in music today. If only I could interview Sister Rosetta Tharpe today. What would she say? I have a long list of women interviewed for the blog and I am excited to share those stories, but, “Un-Block the Music” is... Continue Reading →

Ken Davenport Points To Tools That Helped The Foys Create 2 Shows For The New York Stage; Rebroadcast of Bullets To Broadway This Saturday June 6th

When you listened to WFYL1180 AM’s (www.1180wfyl.com) “From Bullets To Broadway, The Anatomy of A Broadway Show, featuring Emergency the Musical” this past weekend, you must have been excited to hear Producer Ken Davenport’s interview http://www.BroadwayBullets.com. Both “Bullets” and “Un-Block The Music” mention Ken often. Not only is he the Foys’ mentor for Emergency, he... Continue Reading →

Women Wednesdays: Composer/Musical Director Georgia Stitt Releases An Album & Finds Quarantine A Time To Reflect On Her Art & New Projects As Well

Although not planned this way, the release of Georgia Stitt’s album, “A Quiet Revolution” probably could not have been at a better time with music lovers having the time to sit down and reflect on music during the quarantine. As a kid, “Un-Block The Music” read every liner note and voraciously dissected and listened to... Continue Reading →

New Chapter Of “From Bullets To Broadway” Focuses On How Sharing Your Journey Gets A Show To Stage; Encore Broadcast May 23

Ready for the next chapter of From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show featuring Emergency the Musical http://www.emergencythemusical.com? Tune in to Sgt. Dan McCaughan’s broadcast on Saturday, May 16, 2020 on WFYL 1180Am (www.1180wfyl.com) at noon. Despite the bad news that New York theater is dark until at least September as the result of... Continue Reading →

Women Wednesday Tease: Drummer Emma Ford

Hi everyone! It’s Women Wednesdays, and I am currently writing up an interview that I did with Emma Ford, drummer extraordinaire. Come From Away drummer Larry Lelli introduced me to her at an industry reading this past December, and I finally caught up with her. Emma is originally from Sydney, Australia where she earned her... Continue Reading →

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