Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! Each and every day I am inspired by women in all walks of life. But, on this day, I would like to shout out to the women who gave me a chance to flaunt my talents and allowed me to grow in the career I dreamed about since I was in 4th grade!

Shout out to Debra Pagan, Susan Nunziata, Patricia Casey, Dalet Brady and Katy Kroll. All amazing women and amazing editors…thank you!

Then, of course, I need to clamor for my two beautiful, talented and inspirational daughters.

Erica Block D’Alesandro, Conference Planning Assistant Manager, Flik Hospitality and co-owner  (with Carley Tryon) of C&E Event Productions, an award winning wedding planning business (https://www.ce-eventproductions.com/).

Holly Block, a theatre artist herself is about to direct her first show Choices, A Rock Opera as she simultaneously works on Safe and Sound, an original musical she has created with her partner Elizabeth Jerjian (https://www.holly-block.com/, https://safeandsoundmusical.com/).

I hope all of the women in my life will be proud of my upcoming book about Women In Theatre. It is taking a little longer than I had wanted, but it is only because there are soooooo many amazing women who never get the kudos they deserve; all an inspiration to me every day!!!! Read The Women Wonders column for a little taste of what is to come.

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