Women Wonders: Kate Baldwin & Julianne Merrill Chat About Maestra, The Pandemic, Re-Opening Broadway & “An Enlightened New Normal”

Damn! If you are having a gloomy week with all of this crazy weather throughout the U.S. Or, are you just ready to finally get out in the world and celebrate, here’s a song to pump you up!!!“Amplify,” written by Lynne Shankel and featuring Shoshanna Bean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsMBm7jKVHM&ab_channel=MaestraMusic Wow!!! “Un-Block The Music” has been dragging along... Continue Reading →

All Hallow’s Eve,” More Of The Interview With Sesame St’s Paul Rudolph (Show Sold Out, But “Un-Block The Music” Can Get You In)

Photo credit: Richard Termine How can you have more fun in a theater than you can watching and participating in a Halloween show created by Marty Robinson with music created by Paul Rudolph, both of Sesame Street Fame? Well…you can’t. After writing Part 1about the Off-Broadway show All Hallow’s Eve, “Un-Block The Music” promised to... Continue Reading →

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