Audio Engineers Have A Lot In Common With “Un-Block The Music”

At The Audio Engineering Show in New York City about 10 days ago, “Un-Block The Music” was sitting in the audience listening to the METAlliance about their mission which is to bring back quality recording. Whether it is Drake or Tony Bennett being recorded, it should sound as good as it can sound. We should accept nothing less.

Al Schmitt, Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney, Elliot Scheiner, Frank Filipetti and George Massenburg say it’s not enough to sound okay. Technology is not the end-all.

I apologize to my readers that this story is publishing a week later than I wanted it to, but I attended yet another conference last week that reiterates the need for this blog and how it relates to the METAlliance’s mission.

Like in audio, in publishing, the computer rules. Let’s just churn out the stories. Quantity often over quality. Magazines have all but disappeared, and if you don’t “get” social media, you are missing out on a lot. Myself included.

At AES, I learned that the younger musicians and engineers still want mentors. I also learned that the experienced producers and music lovers want to hear from those talents who are up and coming. When I had the idea to create this blog, I thought I was going to aim at the older demographic, but what I have learned is that my readers are split. When I post a story, I get immediate reaction from Instagram. So…I went a conference focusing on Instagram to learn how to reach the millennials (and those even younger) more efficiently, and learn about what they want.


I also discovered that some people are just not interested in social media, but they still love music and want to read about it.  So, I am going to help them along too. A company called Squintmore ( is helping me develop a newsletter. I am not exactly sure how it will work yet, but the idea is to send blurbs by email that readers can click on and go directly to the blog.I will keep you posted on this, but I am open to any ideas you might have. E-mail me at I am looking to “Un-Block The Music” for everyone.



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