Last Chance To See “Lolita My Love”, Part Of York Theatre’s Celebration Of Alan Jay Lerner

While Un-Block The Music is obsessed with New York concerts and theater, New York’s weather really makes me want to attach myself to a seagull and fly south for the winter! Due to a very little snow storm that caused chaos on every highway yesterday, I missed an interview with Deniz Cordell the musical director for Lolita My Love which was part of York Theatre’s 25th Mufti Series celebrating librettist Alan Jay Lerner (My Fair Lady and Gigi! to name a few).

I thought the least I could do was put up the link for Lolita tickets. The show times this weekend are:  Saturday @2:30pm and 8pm, Sunday @2:30pm and 7pm

Tickets from $45

Ironically, last weekend I was at the house in Westchester where My Fair Lady and Gigi were written. I interviewed John Lissauer, the composer/arranger/musician who lives there now. John produced and arranged Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” That story is upcoming within the next two weeks. Stay tuned!


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