Follow Dr. Jeff Foy & Son Jacob’s Musical Journey Every Saturday on “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show”

If you enjoyed the first installment of From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show featuring Emergency The Musical on WFYL 1180 AM ( radio this past week, stay tuned! Seventeen more installments are scheduled. If you missed the show, you can hear it here: An important note….musical writer Jeff Foy is a real  Emergency Room doctor and my hero; working every day to save lives. If you want to say thank-you to Jeff on the front lines, post here and I will pass it along.

From Bullets To Broadway hosted by Sgt. Dan McCaughan follows the steps that father and son writing team Jeff and Jacob Foy have been taking to get their concept of Emergency The Musical from their living room in Indiana to the New York stage. “Un-Block The Music” fits into the scenario by taking the interviews heard on air a step further to this blog. On the first episode, Sgt. Dan talked to Jeff and Jacob about how the idea for this musical all started. Check out what Un-Block The Music had to say:

With the Coronavius raging through the country and people having changing schedules, the topics of each installment are subject to change, but next later in the week, “Un-Block The Music” will give you a hint of what’s to come. The radio show is scheduled to air every Saturday at noon Eastern time with brand new topics every other week.

Quote of the day:

“Listening to music has a positive impact on our health, by helping us recover faster when we experience stress and through the reduction of stress hormone cortisol, to help us achieve a calm state or homeostasis.”

– Alex Doman, Entrepreneur & music producer


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