An Inside Snapshot of “Emergency The Musical’s” Early Days Revealed Today On “From Bullets To Broadway”

If you didn’t hear the second chapter in the story of Emergency The Musical, never fear, WYFL1180 AM ( will archive it, and “Un-Block The Music” will post the link. Today’s episode of From Bullets to Broadway, Anatomy of Broadway Show ( outlined what the rest of the series will focus on. However, host Sgt. Dan McCaughan also offered a surprise guest today, Jaclyn Foy, head of the Foy clan, who offered a snapshot of what it was like to watch the show come together from the outside; outside of Jacob’s bedroom that is!

“Un-Block The Music” is always interested in how a song comes together and what initial reaction is like. In this case, “Forever In Your Eyes” was the focus. Jeff said, he had the title initially. Then, Jacob wrote the piano intro, Jeff wrote most of the words as Jacob filled in the rest of the song. The song describes the love of a couple afraid that this is their last moment together as the husband faces an “Emergency” health crisis….A little back history here. Like Jeff, Jaclyn is a health professional. She went to Indiana as a respiratory specialist thinking she would be there for a short time. She met Jeff and that all changed….she stayed! That song, Jaclyn says is “just beautiful and terrifying. I love my husband, and we know this moment of losing someone is inevitable.”

Being so close to the show, can Jaclyn really be helpful and honest about her perceptions of their creation? Jeff and Jacob both said Jaclyn’s perceptions are key. Jacob said, “when you are the writer of a show, there is weird closeness and distance when you see if performed.” Jaclyn said, “During a performance. I can watch the audience. I look left and right while the guys are looking head on” Jacob added with a laugh, “we are looking head on and sweating! I sweated through my suit jacket that first night in New York!”  Jaclyn laughingly adds, “they were both pale!”

Seriously though, “When the show is on, the guys have so much to worry about. I  am pretty honest. It’s more helpful. I look at the audience reactions and report back.  I am a theatergoer and represent their target audience,” Jaclyn said.

While “Un-Block The Music” has seen this family’s support first hand, the group picture in Disney World says it all. “Wearing the Emergency shirts as a group attracts a lot of attention. We turn heads. When we go to Disney, we plan which day we are going to wear the shirts. People don’t forget about the show that way! After we wear them, the guys look to see how many hits on the website they have.”

A one point, mentor-producer Ken Davenport “told us his wife was wearing the shirt to sleep. It’s comfortable. Those shirts were the best idea we had.” Jaclyn said.

“Un-Block The Music” hopes you are enjoy listening to Jeff and Jacob Foy’s story as much as I do. Do you want to know more? Engage! Send your questions to Dan, or even to me. They can be addressed on the air. If you don’t follow me yet, scroll down and hit “follow” on the right side of the screen. You will be notified whenever there is a new post!

For more facts about Emergency, you can search previous “Un-Block The Music” stories and also go to


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