Chapter 4, From Bullets To Broadway, Emergency The Musical Airs Saturday, May 2 on WFYL AM Radio

Have you been keeping up with From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of a Show, Featuring Emergency The Musical? It’s not too late. If you haven’t heard From Bullets To Broadway before, it’s perhaps an unconventional way of learning about what it takes to get an original musical to the New York stage ( Chapter four airs on Saturday, May 2 at noon Eastern time on WYFL 1180AM ( As always, “Un-Block The Music” will be listening in on the show, and will have the opportunity to expand on this week’s topic of reading the show with actors/singers for the first time.

The radio host is Sgt Daniel McCaughan, a U.S. Air Force Veteran with a penchant for theater and writing. Dr. Jeff Foy is an Emergency Room doctor working his way through this awful pandemic. Jeff and his college student son Jacob created the show together in Jacob’s room with an idea and a notebook. By listening to From Bullets To Broadway , not only can you learn something about theater that you didn’t know, there are some hilarious stories shared as the Foys navigate the process.

On the last installment, Jacob talked about recording the first demos and mixing them in his closet at home using Pro Tools and pitch-tuning software. Jacob admitted to me that he made it sound a little easier during the interview than it actually was because he wants to encourage people not discourage them.  It all takes little patience, there is a tremendous learning curve, but Jacob worked it out, with a bit of humor according to his dad, Jeff. “He once sent me a polka version of a song in the middle of the night. Jacob worked on these recordings a lot!”

In addition to working with Pro Tools to record and create songs in the closet, Jacob dabbled with other computer programs such as Melodyne virtual instrument software. He has stories to tell. If you want to hear more of them, send questions to Dan at You can win a t-shirt if they read your question on the air. Or you can send questions to me and I can get them answered as well (

Then, visit “Un-Block The Music” on Monday for the extended interview with this week’s guest, Annie Wolfert  who was part of the first reading of Emergency The Musical ( back in Indiana, The Foys’ home state.

By the way, you can actually hear demos of the show’s music at or get the complete soundtrack on  iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.


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