Women Wednesday Tease: Drummer Emma Ford

Hi everyone! It’s Women Wednesdays, and I am currently writing up an interview that I did with Emma Ford, drummer extraordinaire. Come From Away drummer Larry Lelli introduced me to her at an industry reading this past December, and I finally caught up with her.

Emma is originally from Sydney, Australia where she earned her Bachelor of Music. She toured with The Illusionists 1903 and then played a sold out season of In The Heights. She won a the 2016 Rob Guest Endowment Theatre Musicians award which prompted her to come to New York to study with Andres Forero. He is the drummer for Hamilton now, but he is so much more than that (Google him!). Since then, Emma has been subbing in several shows including “Come From Away”.

Emma’s journey is fascinating as she also has played for some big theater stars like Stephen Schwartz and Ben Vereen! You have to read my article for more info! Don’t want to give it all away here.

I will post the story no later than tomorrow, just need to do a little fact checking to make sure it is all right!

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