John Lennon “Power To The People” Weekly Songwriting Contest Launched

Since my days at “Billboard” and “In Tune Monthly” magazines, I have written stories about the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and The John Lennon Songwriting Contest. When I started “Un-Block The Music,” I reconnected with all the wonderful people involved with the experiences that allow student musicians and upcoming artists to learn about songwriting and recording hands on. Now, they are offering another piece to their songwriting reality with “Power to The People”. This is a weekly opportunity to win home studio gear and instruments while also qualifying for entry in the annual contest with over $300,000 in cash awards and prizes, and the chance to win Song of the Year. Go to the site to see the impressive prize list  (

Songwriters can enter each week by Sunday at 11:59 PDR, with “Power to the People” winners chosen in a random drawing and announced on Mondays at 2 PM EDT during the Lennon Bus Instagram Live event (@lennonbus). This opportunity is open to any genre or style of music. Weekly prizes are designed to get home studio gear and musical instruments into the hands of songwriters looking for new ways to express themselves and get their music heard. Songwriters have always been at the forefront of free speech and social change as exemplified by the music, art and activism of John Lennon and Yoko Ono Lennon.


For more information and to hear winning songs, go to:

Session II of the Annual Songwriting contest opened in June and will run through December 15, 2020. The winner will be announced March 1, 2021. Sessions I and II have individual prizes but compete for the Song of the Year which has the Grand Prize of $20,000.

Thirty-six finalists will be chosen. From that group, 12 grand prizes will be awarded; one in each category. Check out the complete list of judges that include: George Clinton, Prince Royce, 3111, and Jim Steinman.grace

The 2019 winner was the song “Feels Like Home” by Grace Kelly. Some of the celebrity winners in their various categories (not necessarily Song of the Year) are Meghan Trainor, Gabi Morales, American Authors, Peter Cincotti, Magic! and more. (

Proceeds from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest benefit the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. You may remember “Un-Block The Music’s” stories last Fall after I toured the bus at the AES Show in New York.

Don’t procrastinate! Enter! Good luck!

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