Today’s WFYL’s “Emergency” Show Offers Emily Cramer, Anecdotes & Theater Tips

“Un-Block The Music” hates the end of summer. What usually keeps me in the “happy” zone is that I can go to concerts and theater all Autumn long. Well…the pandemic has put the stop light on that. What will cheer me and hopefully you is listening to From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show, Featuring Emergency The Musical, on Saturdays at noon on WYFL1180AM.  If you haven’t followed the show, please go back into the archives. Emergency the musical played at the NYMT last August, and now continues to develop for its premier off-Broadway. This week, the show will feature one of the actors, Emily Cramer.

If you don’t recognize Emily’s name right , you will recognize her work. She has been on Broadway in Les Miserables, Mary Poppins and School of Rock and she is the voice of Togedemaru (and others) in Pokemon: Sun and Moon; animae and its finest. (I have books full of Pokemon cards in my attic from the days my oldest daughter Erica feverishly collected them back in the late 1990s!)

Anyway, Emily’s claim to fame in Emergency is her stint as Dr. Sharp who is the doctor that will decide the main character, Justin’s fate in or out of the Emergency Room.

Also, featured on the show this week is the song, P.U.L.S.E. Is that Jacob Foy rapping? To hear all of Emergency’s music go to:

Take listen to the radio segment today and then sign back on to “Un-Block The Music” Monday as I pick up talking with the team as radio host Sg. Dan McCaughan signs off.

BTW, if you have a question for any of the players, email Dan at he reads your question on the air, you will get an Emergency T-Shirt. Also, feel free to leave comments here, or email me at

For archived shows, go to and hit “podcasts.”

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