The Foys Debut A New Song On “From Bullets To Broadway” This Saturday On WFYL 1180AM At Noon

A new episode of From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Show hits the WFYL 1180 AM airwaves noon on Saturday, September 19, 2020 (Eastern time). In case you haven’t heard, “Un-Block The Music” joins show host Sgt. Dan McCaughan as we follow Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy on their road to the New York stage with their show Emergency The Musical. A new song “When You Call Me” will have its premiere here! 

Wait…a new song? The show already played the NYMF last summer. Where did this song come from? The Foys have explained, in the past, how shows continue to grow and change every time they are performed. This song was writen after a ZOOM reading that happened during quarantine. So…we are being treated to its debut on this week’s radio episode which focuses on Kathryn. Jeff says, “we see Kathryn as the character with the most heart. She is a young, compassionate, idealistic new nurse who is forced into raising her younger sister Elle due to their parents’ tragic death. She is also Justin‘s love interest. ‘When You Call Me’ is sung just after Kathryn realizes she missed a call from Elle, who just fell and hurt her knee.” Kathryn is heartsick as she struggles with work/life balance; a relatable topic for most parents.

So, tune into the show Saturday and sign back on this blog next week, where “Un-Block The Music,” will pick up the interview where Dan leaves off. I usually post on Monday, but I am taking a short trip to the Adirondack Mountains after the show, so the post is not likely until Wednesday. It will give you something fun to look forward to reading!

For archived shows, go to and hit “podcasts.”

If you want to hear all of Emergency’s music you can go to

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