WFYL’s From Bullets To Broadway Offers A Holiday Show Dec. 12th With A New Hilarious Song By The Foys

If you have been listening to WFYL 1180AM’s “From Bullets” To Broadway” chronicling Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy’s journey to New York with their musical Emergency, you are going to love the show this Saturday (Dec. 12 at noon). With the end of 2020 upon us (thank God), we are taking a little detour with a holiday celebration featuring a new song by the Foys called “Santa Bring Broadway Back”. Since debuting this week, it already has nearly 700 views on Youtube. “Un-Block The Music,” has the inside scoop on this hilarious song!

A little history….I met the Foys just about two years ago, when they first won a $10,000 Theatermakers’ grant to put towards the New York premiere of Emergency.  “Un-Block The Music’s” first few interviews with the Foys were done on the phone, but when they came to New York, we decided to meet in person at a pub. My daughter, Holly, had been at rehearsal for one of her many projects! Since Jacob and she are the same age, I told her to come meet us when she was done. That was a great move on my part. Not only did the two become friends immediately, they have become colleagues of sorts bouncing their theater knowledge off of each other.

Fast forward two years, Holly and Elizabeth Jerjian have written their own musical Safe And Sound, and have begun to release music and fundraise for their production. Since the world has been quarantined and cannot get out to see anything in person, Holly wanted to create a show. She thought a virtual music fundraiser raising money that would be split between their show and Toys For Tots would be a great way to celebrate this season. She asked Jacob to participate. He and Jeff went a step further and told her they would write an original song. And…boy did they ever!!! After Jacob sang the song, my phone was blowing up. Everyone wanted to know who he was and how where they could get the song!

From “Bullets To Broadway” host, Sgt. Dan McCaughan is going to feature “Santa Bring Broadway Back” on the episode this week. We will hear how it came together, and maybe…I might get to talk about “Safe And Sound” as well. So….check it out….

If you have comments, you can email Dan at .Or you can email me at If you he reads your questions of the air, there may be some t-shirts in the deal for you! After Saturday’s show “Un-Block The Music” will post the link to the new Foy song as well!

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