From Bullets To Broadway Topic Spawned By Emergency Room “Exhausteration”; Rebroadcast Jan. 2 At Noon, WFYL1180AM

Happy Holidays Everyone! “Un-Block The Music” has been off the spectrum! Christmas is always my favorite time of year. I usually love to be in the middle of NYC seeing shows and visiting the beautifully decorated department store windows, visiting Rockefeller Center and the holiday markets in Bryant and Central Parks. Of course, seeing family and friends is really on top of the list. 2020…there has been none of that. What I did this holiday season is online shop (hope I never have to do that again), wrap and bake!  My oldest daughter and her fiancé had CO-VID 19 through most of December. Luckily both have recovered. My younger daughter, who is a gig worker in NYC, spent most of the time home with me. That was a bright spot. If I never hear the words, “Social Distancing” again, it will be too soon.  Anyway, I am now going to try and focus a bit on the story at hand!

Hopefully, you have continued to listen to From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show, featuring Emergency The Musical on Saturdays at Noon on WFYL 1180 AM. “Un-Block The Music” usually posts reminders. I intended to do just that, but…..I was eating cookies! Anyway, this past weekend, December 26th, show host, Sgt. Dan McCaughan, writers Dr. Jeff Foy, Jacob Foy and I got together to talk about “The Exhausteration”. As a real-life Emergency Room doctor, Jeff said, “Night shifts are exhausting, as anyone who works them knows. Emergency is intentionally set over a 12-hour night shift. The song is called ‘Night Shift (Exhausteration)’ and is the second act opener. Yes, exhausteration is a made-up word, because that’s what happens at night!”

We recorded From Bullets to Broadway just as Jeff had a story to share about the Emergency Room heroes who are part of his job.  The Foys did not write this musical during CO-VID, but the show takes on the extra meaning now. “Last night, my daughters made thank you cards to take into work to show health care workers continue to be appreciated.” Some of Jeff’s colleagues teared up.

“One gal said, this is what I needed. I had to be told that I am doing a good job. I was so surprised at how very much these little pieces of paper meant. And, I was super proud of my girls for doing it.”

Jeff continued. “Early on we felt appreciated. But, it’s hard now to feel appreciated when people are not taking this virus seriously as when you see big gatherings of people with no masks on. We know that this behavior is ultimately leaving us holding the bag. As time has worn on, people are doing what they want and not caring about hospital workers. It has been 10 months, and health care workers are exhausted. (Jeff’s wife is also a healthcare professional, a respiratory therapist.) The song talks about exhaustion, but it now has a whole new meaning.”

Trying to lighten the mood a bit, “Un-Block The Music” teased Jeff. Theater exhaustion is not much of an improvement! It’s 8 shows a week, and much more than that!  Theater professionals never stop!!! Jacob says, “Dad is either asleep or going. He is used to the hard work.” As for Jacob, he says, “I find relaxation in working. It doesn’t feel like work. Music has a way to change your emotions and it’s why I listen to music all day.”  Un-Block The Music” can relate to that!

If you missed this episode of From Bullets To Broadway,” you can catch the re-broadcast Saturday, January 2nd at Noon Eastern Time. BTW, if you have missed any of the other past episodes of the radio show, it’s not too late to hear them. Go to and hit “podcasts.” 

To hear music from Emergency The Musical, go to

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