Fans Of 80s Music &“The Fabulous Foys”: Tune To WFYL’s “From Bullets To Broadway” Sat/ Jan. 30 At Noon

Following “The Fabulous Foys” on their journey to Broadway with their musical Emergency has been the highlight of “Un-Block The Music’s” week since WFYL’s Sgt. Dan McCaughan first invited me to join the radio show nearly a year ago. As curmudgeons write articles and continue to broadcast the end of New York City as we know it as the result of the pandemic, our show, “From Bullets To Broadway,” illustrates what theater makers already know… theater may change, but it is the heart of New York City and it will never die!

Off my soap box for a moment; this weeks’ radio broadcast will focus a bit on Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy’s other original musical in progress, One Night Only that had been scheduled to open at the Players Theater in New York City last summer. (Fingers and toes crossed, it will happen July 2021) Another musical? How? Who? What? Sgt. Dan thought it might be the time to start talking about that show as well. So….I am a little prejudice. I love it! I am an 80s rocker. (Don’t laugh at my picture above. I was a music journalist in training back then.) The song One Night Only is likely, I predict, to be an anthem.

So, check out his week’s episode of “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show” at 12 noon on WFYL 1180AM. It’s time to see where the Foys are heading next, or should I say simultaneously while they begin to raise funds to bring two shows to the New York stage.

And, check out “Un-Block The Music” on Monday. After the show, I will talk to the Foys a bit more to see whatever other tidbits I can coax out of them.

To hear music from Emergency The Musical, go to

To hear music from One Night Only, go to

BTW, if you have missed any of the other past episodes of the radio show, it’s not too late to hear them. Go to and hit “podcasts.” 

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