Check Out WFYL’s From Bullets To Broadway March 20 & Find Out About Front Row Fringe Festival Shows Including One From The Foys

Don’t forget to tune-in today, Saturday, March 20 at noon (Eastern) to WFYL’s “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of Show featuring Emergency The Musical,” hosted by Sgt. Dan McCaughan.  This week we are expecting to talk to the cast of Z Team, which is a third show written and produced by father/son Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy ( The show was part of the virtual Front Row Fringe Festival last weekend (March 11-14) along with 16 other shows. Not only did the Foys have a show in the Festival they were also producers of the entire event. (

The original term Fringe Festival comes for Edinburgh where for three weeks each summer the city explodes with creativity. The Edinburgh International Festival was an initiative created in 1947 to celebrate and enrich European cultural life in the wake of the Second World War. Shows include theater, comedy, dance, spoken word…you name it.  Above is a picture from an Edinburgh Fringe Festival.)

While “Un-Block The Music” watched some of the shows in the festival, I am excited to hear how the event went overall. And….an added bonus Jacob Foy did a Q&A seminar the last day which was focused on how to fit your songs into a musical. So much to talk about that the topic will cover the next to episode’s of “From Bullets To Broadway”.

If you don’t know the Foys or you just “love” them as I do, take a listen to their music at: and 

And, heaven forbid you don’t know “From Bullets To Broadway,” you can listen to archives at: and hit “podcasts.” 

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