Amidst Egg Coloring & Food Prep,Don’t Forget Saturday’s “From Bullets To Broadway” At Noon On WFYL 1180 AM

Are you are coloring eggs and preparing holiday dinners this week during a pandemic???? Ugh… you probably need a break and maybe a little laughter. “Un-Block The Music” just wants to remind you to listen today to “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of a Show, Featuring Emergency The Musical” on WFYL, 11AM at noon Eastern Time. I will join show host Sgt. Dan McCaughan, Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy as they continue their conversation from last week with the cast of Z Team, the Foys’ comedy that was featured at the Front Row Fringe Festival last month. What does that have to do with music? Ah….nothing. But, we could all use a good laugh. And….because I am a super sleuth, I get to talk to Jacob after the show about the Q&A he did during the festival. Its focus was getting your songs ready for the stage. So, check out this blog early next week for some great pointers.

With the good news that theater is coming back…Diana announced its opening date of December 1…it is time to get the shows you have rolling around in you head on paper or in your computer! Get your vaccine, and let’s get theater rolling!!!!

If you want to her music from Emergency and/or the Foys’ other musical, One Night Only, check out these links:

If you have missed any of the other past episodes of “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show, Featuring Emergency The Musical,” it’s not too late to hear them. Go to and hit “podcasts.” 

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