Silly & Sad; “Love Quirks” Explores Couple Idiosyncrasies Off-Broadway

Love is fortuitous. It can be typical, but more often than not it is random and unique to everyone. Love Quirks, the off-Broadway musical is all of that. The show’s music was written by Seth Bisen-Hersh, and “Un-Block The Music” had the chance to talk with him last week as he prepared for previews to begin on February 28th. This is just a little quip of the interview. “Un-Block The Music” wanted to post this tease before I actual see the show on March 16, opening night.

If you are a New York City cabaret lover, you may recognize Seth’s name since he has done almost 600 shows at Don’t Tell Mama, a lovely locale on 46th street across from where Love Quirks is playing at the St. Luke’s Theatre. Seth says that early on in his life, he thought he would be an actor. That is until he realized there are no roles for bald actors until you hit your late 30s like Seinfeld’s George Costanza!seth

Very comfortable in his own skin, nothing deters Seth who has not missed a beat (pun intended). He is a prolific composer, lyricist and performer. In addition to the benefits and cabarets he has produced, he has also worked in television, written books and produced benefits such as Broadway Meows and Broadway Can.

By definition, a cabaret is a show with songs and banter. A thought came to Seth one day while walking down Broadway with a friend. When people sang his songs, he said, they always picked the quirky love songs.  He thought…well, I can produce a cabaret without speaking and call it Love Quirks. And, that’s the beginning of the off-Broadway show’s creation.

First, “I did it as a 20 person show,” Seth says. Then, Brian Childers, who is now the director of the musical, encouraged Seth to develop the show for four people. Out of the blue, “I got a random email from an art gallery. They said ‘if you want to do a show down here, we’d love it.’”  It was at that performance, people began asking about the characters. They wanted to know more. Brian’s brother, Mark Childers, the playwright got involved. “He took the songs, and don’t know how he did it, but he created a musical out of it.”

Love Quirks is described as a “musical fable based on actual events as a group of thirty-somethings explore the bizarre tribulations of love, friendship, and all the blurry lines in-between.”

Seth is so full of personality; “Un-Block The Music” can’t wait to see the show. For tickets, go to:

“Un-Block The Music’”s computer is making a trip to the Geek Squad this week to fix the speaker port. Can’t unblock music if you can’t hear it, but look for the rest of this story after I see the show.


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