Do You Find Imaginary Villains Fun? Tune In To WYFL’s “From Bullets To Broadway,” July 25th At Noon

So, what are your thoughts on Boba Fett helping out Darth Vader in Star Wars? Or Oddjob in James Bond? “Un-Block The Music’s” favorite sidekick to the villain is Gaston’s guy Lefou in Beauty and The Beast. On Saturday at noon (Eastern Time), you may find a new favorite after you hear Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy talk about “Carla,” a character in their show Emergency The Musical.

In case you don’t know, “Un-Block The Music” has been following Emergency’s path to the New York stage since the Foys won a grant to help produce the show from Ken Davenport’s Inner Circle ( Sgt. Dan, McCaughan is not only a show writer himself, but a radio show host, and he graciously asked Un-Block The Music to be part of his WYFL 1180 AM’s broadcast of “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show.”  ( Each segment of the radio show focuses on different aspects of creating a musical with memorable characters and songs. Last week, we heard the song “Family Affair” sung by the main villain Kyle and Carla, his sidekick aunt. This week we hear a new song, “Queen Of the Hill.”

After the show, I will continue the conversation with Jeff and Jacob started by Dan on the air. Then, you should sign on to “Un-Block The Music” Monday to find out what other “evil” tidbits I uncover.

If you think of any questions when listening to the broadcast, you should email Dan at  ( or myself at If they address the questions on the air, you will receive an “Emergency T-Shirt.”

To listen to Emergency’s music go o:


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