Women Wednesdays: Let Karen Mason Entertain You Through The Pandemic

It’s Women Wednesday, and “Un-Block The Music” is whetting your appetite for the next exceptional woman I interviewed.  It’s Karen Mason! Karen is part of the next TWO Bite-Sized Broadway shows that I featured on the blog last week   ( https://unblockthemusic.blog/2020/10/06/get-your-fix-of-new-musical-theater-twice-a-month-on-bite-sized-broadway-a-mini-musical-podcast/). And, that’s not all. What are you doing tonight? Available? Buy a ticket to Karen’s streamed private screening of her award-winning show at Don’Tell Mama Cabaret Club in NYC.

In 1983, Karen played the very first night of Don’t Tell Mama’s opening. The show, streaming tonight was her return in 2015. That cabaret performance actually sold out for five weeks. That’s an unheard of record.  She says, it is great music, great stories, and a lot of fun! Directed by Barry Kleinbort; Music Direction by Christopher Denny; taped by Michael Lee Stever; and mastered by Paul Rolnick (Karen’s hubby)!

Here are the air dates:




For tickets, please send an email to MasonAtMamas2020@gmail.com including the following:

     1)  Date & time of show you would like to purchase ticket(s) for

     2)  Number of tickets

     3)  A screenshot of paid ticket fee ($15)  (Venmo @karenmasondiva OR  PayPal.me/karenmasondiva)

After the ticket fee has been received, you will be sent a private link to watch the show a half hour before it is set to premiere.

If you are not sure that you recognize Karen’s name, well check out her resume. She originated the role of “Tanya” in Mamma Mia! As far as “Un-Block The Music” is concerned, that makes her a queen. LOL…Anyway, she also was in the North American premier of Love Never Dies. She portrayed The Queen of Hearts in Wonderland and Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard.

In terms of Bite-Sized Broadway, Karen said, “I was fascinated by the whole concept of half hour musicals that were brand new.”  Brand new work is always an attraction, she says, but that is “especially true during this time when we all knew there wasn’t going to be an awful lot of new work to perform. New writers, new music; Bite Sized Broadway has everything going for it. People are hungry for content, and connection to arts that they love.”

This isn’t the first time Karen has been in New York during adversity. Mamma Mia! opened on Broadway in October 2001, only a few weeks after the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks. People came back to the theater. “Louise (Pitrie), Judy (Kaye) and I used to say it’s a rock concert every night with the energy in that room!” People were able to release the angst during the show that they were feeling outside the theater.

“I think return of theater will be a gradual participation from audiences. It is like eating at a restaurant during this time. We all started with a lot of hesitation, then gradually became comfortable with it. We have learned to adapt. The concept of Bite-Sized Broadway started before the pandemic but went full swing during it. Timing was amazing. “It is a great opportunity for actors to participate in beautiful productions. They have put a lot of energy and art into these shows,” Karen said.

Karen’s first show is called Blue Cross Blues, written by Ed Levy, with music and lyrics by Neil Radisch. It premieres on Monday, October 19. https://www.indieworkstheatre.com/bsb-blue-cross-blues.

The second Bite-Sized Broadway podcast that Karen will be involved in premieres November 2 and is called A Relative Relationship with book, music and lyrics written by Timothy Huang  https://www.indieworkstheatre.com/bsb-relative-relationship. The show also stars Telly Leung (Aladdin) who will be the subject of another upcoming “Un-Block The Music” story. Karen’s interview is tentatively scheduled to post on October 21.

Last week, I reached out to my readers asking for potential interview subjects, and I received a few. Love to keep those coming! My email address is dgalanteblock@gmail.com.

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