WFYL’s “From Bullets To Broadway Is Back” With Emergency’s Defining Song, “Someone Else’s Dream”

Did you listen to the October 17th episode of WYFL 1180 AM’s broadcast of “From Bullets To Broadway, The Anatomy of A Broadway Show, Featuring Emergency The Musical”? The episode highlighted Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy’s favorite song from the show “Somebody Else’s Dream”. (The voice you hear is Cole Winston.)

In Emergency, the main doctor, Justin, makes an error in misdiagnosing his patient, failing to recognize a life-threatening condition. This shakes his confidence in himself and in his career. “Someone Else’s Dream” details his struggle. “To this point in the life of Emergency, this song is consistently regarded by audiences as one of their favorites,” says Jeff.

Jacob said, “this song holds the most special place in my heart. After we wrote it, we listened and got feedback. It was when we knew for sure, ‘we can do this. We can write a show!’ It was the first song, I was ever really proud of writing, musically speaking.” Both Foys say, this song defines Emergency, and it wouldn’t exist had “Someone Else’s Dream” not been written.

During the broadcast, WFYL’s host Sgt. Dan McCaughan also questioned the Foys about the meaning of the “11 o’clock number” in a musical. “Someone Else’s Dream” certainly holds that space. “The 11 o’clock song” is the peak number. Jeff likens it to Cinderella. It’s the time in the show when everything is happening and there is not much time left. When Cenedella is dancing with the Prince, but has to leave at midnight!!!

As a listener (and viewer of Emergency), “Un-Block The Music finds the song uplifting. That’s a tough road to cross when you have a musical about an Emergency Room. ERs are a serious place, but the Foys have made it also a place of hope while still keeping it realistic. Another challenge when writing this kind of musical… how do you keep the medical jargon digestible for the non-medical audience? “Also…as a medical person, I am instantly turned off by medical shows that are not legit,” says Jeff. When the show was staged, the Foys made sure to include both medical and non-medical people in the audience. “We asked the question, ‘was there anything you didn’t understand?’ If they said yes, we went back to rewrite,” he said.

Fun fact. Jacob performed “Someone Else’s Dream” at a solo competition for school. Don’t forget Jacob is young! A Senior in college! When others were singing songs from well-known musicals, Jacob did an original song! Does that mean, the Foys are ready for another NYC Cabaret? They performed one in summer of 2019 before Emergency played their New York stint. “Absolutely!,” Jacob said. “I would love to do another cabaret which would lead up to the premiere of One Night Only”. That’s the Foys’ other show, scheduled to open in NYC July 2021! (

Please let that cabaret be sooner rather than later!!! Wear your masks America! We need live theater back!

If you missed “From Bullets To Broadway” last week, there will be a re-broadcast, October 24th at Noon Eastern Time.  For past episodes, go to and hit “podcasts.”

To listen to other songs from Emergency, go to: For archived blog stories even before the radio show began…just put “Emergency” in the search bar.

If you have questions, email me at, or go directly to Dan at If he reads your question on the air, you will win an Emergency T-Shirt.

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