Small NYC Venues File Class Action Lawsuit Pushing for Reopening Date

A group of small New York City venue owners, led by Catherine Russell of The Theater Center in Times Square and Michael Sgouros of The Players Theater in Greenwich Village are pushing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State to come up with a solid reopening date. “Un-Block The Music” tries hard not to be political, but I have to say, I am with these venues in filing a class action lawsuit.

The entertainment industry has been hit so hard, and this industry is the heart and soul of New York. These smaller Off-Broadway and comedy club venues are willing to open at 25% capacity, hoping that number will increase as it becomes clear that the safety measures they’ve put in place are keeping their patrons protected and safe.   While Governor Cuomo has done an outstanding job bringing health back to New York after being the epicenter of Co-Vid 19 back in March, I am not sure the entertainment industry is really being taken seriously. Small theatres and venues were originally grouped with the restaurants and bars which were all closed on Monday March 16. However, indoor dining at 25% capacity began in NYC on October 23rd –  but small entertainment venues are still closed with no re-opening date in sight. Wouldn’t theaters be just as safe as bowling alleys and gyms?????

“The Theater Center has installed 10 brand new cutting edge hospital grade air scrubbers providing bi polar ionization decontamination in its HVAC system which deactivate any germs in the air immediately in addition to MERV13 filters, numerous hand sanitizing stations and on site Covid Compliance officers ensuring all safety protocols are in place and strictly followed, says Catherine Russell. “We are ready to open safely!”

Among the small venues that are pushing for the reopening date are:
The Theater Center
The Players Theater
The Actors Temple Theatre
Soho Playhouse
The Gene Frankel Theater
The Triad
Broadway Comedy Club
New York Comedy Club  

The Broadway League has indicated that large Broadway houses will not re-open until June 2021.

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