“Emergency’s” Keith White Debuts “Last Shot” On From “Bullets To Broadway”; Rebroadcast Nov. 14

If you missed “From Bullets To Broadway” this past weekend, mark your calendar for this Saturday, November 14 at noon, when WFYL 1180AM will rebroadcast the show entitled “Last Shot”, the same title of a new song just introduced. If you don’t know about this radio show, now is the time to check it out. “Un-Block The Music” is part of a team, lead by show host Sgt. Dan McCaughan, following the emerging off-Broadway show Emergency, The Musical. Every episode focuses on one part of the show created by father/son team, Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy. This week the show was a real winner as we not only got to hear a brand-new song (never performed on stage), but we were able to speak with Keith White, who played one of the main characters, Kyle, in the New York production staged last summer. Keith is no stranger to the stage as he has been on Broadway in A Bronx Tale, and was on the national tour of Jersey Boys.

It’s always interesting to analyze things from the actor’s point of view. While Jeff and Jacob said they felt this song was needed to further explain the rivalry between the two lead characters of Justin and Kyle. Keith offered his insight that the Foys said they never really thought about. “This song is maybe the only time, that Kyle is talking to Justin with no agenda in mind. He is saying how he really feels. The rest of the time, he is deceiving everyone,” said Keith. As you may know from following the story of Emergency, Justin and Kyle are both vying for the one job opening in the Emergency Room. The audience most definitely roots for Justin. But, “Un-Block The Music” always loves the villain!!!

“Playing the villain can be fun sometimes as it was in Emergency.  Playing the villain in A Bronx Tale can’t be described as fun. There is no point in that show where my character has a joyful moment. That’s tough to do that every night,” Keith said.

The staging of Emergency in New York was August 2019. Then, there was a ZOOM reading of the show this past summer. Revisiting characters on From Bullets To Broadway is another opportunity to get to know a character. Jeff said, “fresh eyes help (when tweaking a show). You can see things from a different vantage point. Time away can really help.”

According to Keith, he has been recognized for his stint in Emergency more than he has ever been recognized before. Jeff said that comments heard after the show were mostly about the Male Nurse song and Keith’s acting as Kyle. I suspect that the new song will strengthen the character of Kyle even more.  Jeff says “Last Shot” is his favorite song in the show. “I listen over and over to all of the songs, deciding where they need to be changed. But I listen to ‘Last Shot’ the most, just for enjoyment.”

Emergency’s music can be heard on the website. But, not this new song yet! So, you have to listen to “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show” for Keith’s performance. (https://www.emergencymusical.com/the-music)

BTW, if you have missed any of the other past episodes of the radio show, it’s not too late to hear them. Go to https://www.1180wfyl.com/ and hit “podcasts.” 

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