Women Wonders: Single Available Today From Upcoming Musical “Safe And Sound!” ; A Show Written By Women

Want a fabulous way to start the holiday weekend? “Un-Block The Music” suggests you buy this NEW single out today from Safe and Sound The Musical, “I’m Not Ashamed.” The show’s writing team, Holly Block and Elizabeth Jerjian are slowly releasing songs from this upcoming musical which is the story about how LOVE guides four characters to rediscovering who they truly are by reconnecting them to their inner child….There is another name you may recognize here too, Emergency’s Jacob Foy. He mastered and mixed the song  (https://song.link/r99DJmg5QT3hw).

NBC Universal has also taken notice and licensed this song for future use on one of their shows.

One more thing, if you are in serious need of holiday spirit this year, tune into Safe and Sound’s Virtual Holiday Fundraiser on December 5 to hear, not only holiday tunes sung by various theater artists, but other songs from the upcoming musical as well! Click here for tickets: (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/holiday-special-for-safe-sound-musical-tickets-127080524269)

Stay tuned for an interview with Holly and Elizabeth in an upcoming “Women Wonders” story on “Un-Block The Music.”

Holly & Lizzie

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