Tune In Tomorrow To WFYLs “From Bullets To Broadway” To Learn About Front Line Fringe Festival

Emergency’s Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy are helping to put together Front Row Fringe Festival which “Un-Block the Music” believes is the first virtual Fringe Festival ever! If you have never heard the term Fringe Festival, it means shows produced outside traditional theater. We will all learn more about these types of festivals on this week’s episode of WFYL 1180 AM’s From Bullets To Broadway (FBTB), Anatomy of A Broadway Show, Saturday, March 6 at noon Eastern time.

While some New York entertainment is starting back up, it’s going to be a bit longer for Broadway, don’t let main stream media fool you. However, The Fringe Festival will offer some new material NOW, and maybe with a little help from exposure and donations, some of these shows will be picked up for off-Broadway and Broadway along the way.

 The original term Fringe Festival comes for Edinburgh where for three weeks each summer the city explodes with creativity. Shows include theater, comedy, dance, spoken word…you name it. Front Row Fringe will be the same. The musical Six was first seen at Edinburgh in 2017. It was scheduled to open on Broadway the night of shutdown March 2020!!! ( BTW, off topic…”Un Block The Music” has an upcoming story with Paul Gatehouse, Six’s Sound Designer).

You will not be surprised to learn that the Foys will have a show in the Front Row Fringe Festival on March 13 at 11 a.m. Eastern time. While the father and son duo are known for their musicals, Emergency and One Night Only, their festival contribution, Z Team is not a musical, but a hilarious comedy from what I hear. It is being directed by Jeff Whiting who was Associate Director on Broadway’s Big Fish and Scottsboro Boys. He has a long list beyond that.

For tickets to Z Team, go to Eventbrite.com. Search for tickets by the show’s name, “Z Team.” Got my tickets already! Those Foys are certainly not one trick ponies!!!

After FBTB host Sgt. Dan McCaughan digs deep with the Foys, “Un-Block The Music” will spend a bit more time with them to uncover any other tidbits about what to expect from this inaugural festival which has about 10 to 15 shows participating. As I have watched first hand, musicals are not easy to put together virtually. Not only is the presentation difficult at times, but you have to depend on the equipment that people are watching it on.  But, it’s all worth it to see new content!

Sign back on to “Un-Block The Music” several times next week to see stories about the Foys and the Festival!!!

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