Celebrate Women All Week!

It’s International Woman’s Day, and it is time for “Un-Block The Music” to celebrate as well! One year ago this week, “Un-Block The Music” had the idea to create a column highlighting women in music, and it has really taken off  in popularity. As a result of the “Women Wonders” column, I have met amazing, friendly, smart women who have made it to the top in what has traditionally been a man’s world. The last event I attended before shutdown in 2020 was Disney On Broadway’s “Women’s Day on Broadway”. Like everything else, this year it will be a virtual event held Friday, March 12, 2021. Registration is free at www.womenofbroadway.com. A personal plus for me is the prerecorded performance of the Broadway Sinfonietta that will be featured. It will be directed by its Founder Macy Schmidt often interviewed by “Un-Block The Music.”



The theme of this year’s event is “Reflecting Courageously, Transforming Collectively.” It will feature two sessions.

The first is “Broadway’s Moms” How Life Goes On When the Show Doesn’t” moderated by Cara Cooper and Jessica Rush, co-hosts of The Mama Talkin’ Loud podcasts. Panelists include Tanya Birl, Laura Benanti, Vanessa Javier, Julia Jones and Karen Olivo.

The second session: “Broadway’s Second Act: A Conversation about Moving Beyond Intention” will be moderated by ABC News’ Deborah Roberts. Panelists include: Maria Manuela Goyanes, Alia Jones-Harvey, Tali Pelman, Eva Price and Aaliytha Stevens.

As For “Un-Block The Music’s” celebration of women. Here are a few astounding subjects you can look forward to reading about in upcoming “Women Wonders” columns.

Lynn Ahrens (Nasrin, Once On This Island)

Gabrielle Ruiz (If/Then, MTA:The Musical)

Leandra Ellis-Gaston (Tina: The Tina Turner Musical)

Zina Goldrich (Ever After: The Musical)

Emilie Battle (Broadway Bounty Hunter, Battle Body Co.)

Stacey Luftig (My Heart Is The Drum)

Barbra Bellman (Bordello, The Musical)

If you have anyone to recommend for this column, I would love to hear from you!  Just email me at dgalanteblock@gmail.com.

Here are my two daughters who are my greatest reason for celebrating Women’s Day! You are already familiar with my daughter Holly, whose musical, Safe and Sound will be part of the Front Row Fringe Festival this week (get your tickets at safeandsoundmusical.com.) My older daughter Erica, is a wedding planner extraordinaire. Follow her company @ce_eventroductions.

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