“Breathe” Cast Recording Released As Musical Premieres Last Night

Just in case you missed Breathe, the musical’s premiere last night, you can still stream it for the next eight weeks through July 2, 2021. “Un-Block The Music” had the privilege of speaking with one of the composers, Dan Mertzlufft, also known for his work on Tik Tok famous Ratatouille and Thanksgiving.

Breathe consists of five interlocking suites and examines the impact of COVID-19 on five different relationships. It was conceived and written by novelist Jodi Picoult and playwright Timothy Allen McDonald. There are five short stories with scores created by five songwriting teams, including Dan, Kate and Rebecca Murillo; Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich (Ever After); Rob Rokicki (The Lightning Thief); Doug Besterman (Little Did I Know) and Sharon Vaughn (Hats!); and Douglas Lyons and Ethan Pakchar (Five Points).

The cast includes Kelly O’Hara, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Patti Murin, Colin Donnell, Matt Doyle and Max Clayton.

Tim owns iTheatrics where Dan has been working for the last five years. One of Dan’s main writing partners is Kate Leonard. She and Dan wrote the first draft of “Clear As Day” for the show about 13 days into the pandemic, Dan said.

As someone who watches the development of shows intimately, “Un-Block the Music” can tell you, that putting a complete show together in one year and one month is an absolute achievement even during normal times. “I watched the show come to life and I am really proud to have worked on it,” Dan said.

The cast recording was released yesterday on Broadway Records as well.  For more information on that and to get tickets, go to https://breathemusical.com/.

If you haven’t read “Un-Block The Music’s” interview with Dan, check that out as well: https://unblockthemusic.blog/2021/05/13/ratatouielle-composer-dan-mertzlufft-wants-you-to-breathe-this-weekend/

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