No Memorial Day Weekend Plans? Stream The New Musical, “Capricorn 29” Today

So, if you are like “Un-Block The Music,” your Memorial Day plans are drowning in a puddle, but I have something fun for you to watch! The new musical is Capricorn 29 by Alex Hare and Julia Izumi with some of the music written by an upcoming “Woman Wonder” Laura Galindo.

The story goes like this. On the eve of her 29th birthday, a millennial stumbles upon a curious conspiracy theory: the powers-that-be have initiated a new capitalist plot to eliminate unsuccessful 30 year olds. She has to save be the savior of her generation. Press nots say, “Unfolding in the form of a hallucinatory YouTube wormhole, Capricorn 29 is a micro movie musical that wrestles with the tyranny of age-based milestones.”

“Un-Block The Music” spoke with Laura recently about her work on the show which also features songs by Daniel and Patrick Lazour, Stompcat and Storm Thomas .

Capricorn 29 is part of RealTime Interventions’ Post Theatrical, a festival of works that runs through June 30. Post Theatrical uses mail as a theatrical medium. The festival features work by a collective of 13 groups and over 50 artists originating in 8 cities across the globe.  For more information on the festival or for Capricorn 29 tickets go to Price scales are from $10 to $100. You have 48 ours to finish watching the show once you start it. The run time is approximately 50 minutes. This show is available through June 16.

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