What Happened To “Emergency” & “From Bullets To Broadway”????

“Un-Block The Music” thought it was about time to update my readers about Emergency The Musical and “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show” which has been hosted by Sgt. Dan McCaughan on WFYL 11 80 AM. I am sad to report that the radio station owner, Arthur Loch passed away suddenly in April and that put not only our radio show but the entire station on hold.

I have been speaking to Emergency’s creators, father/son team Dr. Jeff and Jacob Foy. They want you to know they are working hard on tweaking the show and are just waiting for theater to really get back in full swing. In addition to Emergency, they actually also have another show with a cast ready to take the stage in New York , One  Night Only. They grappled with the idea of opening off-Broadway this summer, but as a medical doctor (Jeff’s fulltime gig), he wanted to be clear on CO-VID 19 precautions. They also want to make sure there is an audience to see this amazing show!

So, what about “From Bullets To Broadway?” We all have some ideas up our sleeves as to how to get the show going again. So stay tuned!

If you read this blog regularly, you may have noticed that I have been slower in getting stories up. I have been working on a book and shopping it to publishers. Hopefully, I will have some news on that soon! “Un-Block The Music” ALSO have a bunch of interviews in the can. I want to roll them out as the excitement around Broadway’s reopening begins to stir. I can’t wait to plant myself in a Broadway theater.

In the meantime, you can listen to past episodes of “From Bullets To Broadway”  at  https://www.1180wfyl.com/ and hit “podcasts.” And, search this blog for past interviews about the Foys and others involved in the show.

To hear music from Emergency and One Night Only, go to these sites:



And, PLEASE take a deep breath and keep checking back here …lots of good stuff to come as we all come back to life. WE CAN DO THIS!!!! CO-VID and Hurricanes cannot stop artists from creating!!!

For more about Arthur Loch’s legacy, go to https://www.jamesterryfuneralhome.com/tributes/Alan-Loch

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