Enjoy More “Women Wonders” In “Un-Block The Music’s” Upcoming Book

Happy New Year!!!  I am always the optimist. While Co-vid rages through New York AGAIN, “Un-Block The Music” stands with those that say, it’s not the same unknown hysteria that we experienced two years ago. We have treatments, we have vaccines and we have theater! While theater might be a bit limited right now…it’s here. And…my best news is…”Un-Block The Music” has signed a deal with McFarland & Company to publish a book based on my “Women Wonders” column! That is the reason why I have not been posting many stories lately. I wanted to see what my contract would entail.

I signed the deal on December 31st. What a way to start the New Year!!!! As I sit down and outline what I will exactly be doing for the book, I am also putting my thoughts together for the blog.  “Un-Block The Music” will forge on…a little differently perhaps. I want to continue to talk to anyone involved with theater music and sound, whether that is a man or a woman! Theater is undergoing change and anyone who loves it as I do should expect to read about the amazing talents that make it all happen. As I have found over the last few years, those behind the scenes get very little press elsewhere; even many times, that includes the composers! My readers love these stories…and who knows what my next book will be about??? LOL

Content for my “Women Wonders” book will be as fresh as possible. Any fabulous artist I have already interviewed and I decide to include in this new venture, will be contacted to add more to their stories. Moving forward, stories on the blog will tease what will be detailed in the book. I want both of my endeavors to be must-reads.

Fabulous writers are everywhere, but what has always kept me employed has been what Mom would have called “my gift of gab.” I love not only talking to people but listening to them. It’s not about a list of interview questions. It’s about getting to know the subjects. I look forward to digging deeper with my women in theater!!!!

Hopefully you are as excited about my announcement as I am! If you know of any woman that you’d like to see profiled…please send me suggestions! My email address is dgalanteblock@gmail.com. Follow “Un-Block The Music” for updates (https://unblockthemusic.blog/).

Upcoming “Women Wonders” blog posts include:  Tony winner Katie Kresek (Moulin Rouge) Julia Schade (Six), violinist Jennifer Koh and pop/theater composer Lolo.

“Un-Block The Music” is excited to announce that my first story of 2022 will be published next week.  It will profile Slave Play’s Tony nominated composer and sound designer Lindsay Jones…a man!!!  The show is back on Broadway until January 23.  Check it out at: https://slaveplaybroadway.com/

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