Celebrate International Women’s Day With “Un-Block The Music”

What a joy it is for “Un-Block The Music” to celebrate International Women’s Day this year. On March 20th, I will celebrate 4 years of blogging. When I started out, I barely knew what a blog was, and I didn’t really know what to do with my career which needed to drastically change as magazines began to vanish. Four years later, I have a book deal which was born from the blog. Not only, am I a successful woman writing about Women In Theater, but I am inspired every day by the women I have the privilege of interviewing.

Secondly, I am blessed with two daughters who are forging their paths in two totally different worlds. My oldest, Erica, is an event manager for Flik International and she co-owns C&E Event Productions (with her partner Carley Tryon) for which she plans weddings. In fact…she is about to get married herself later this month. My family and I raise a glass to her accomplishments and cheer her future!

My younger daughter, Holly, you have met before. She is a woman in theater! At 22 (almost 23 years old), she has overcome the unsympathetic education system and has not only learned how to overcome dyslexia but excels in life every day. Once again, my family has much to cheer with Holly’s musical theater goals of acting, singing dancing and as a cowriter of Safe and Sound the Musical (along with her partner Elizabeth Jerjian). While the show has already received Fringe Festival accolades, I am excited to watch as her team barrels full speed ahead on their path to Broadway.

Celebrate the women in your life today! While the world is opening up, we still have a long way to go! As women have always stood beside their men, we need our men to stand beside us now…Shootouts to the men in our lives…Al, Anthony and Matt (my dad Mike too!)

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