Happy 1st Birthday To Un-Block The Music

Happy One Year Anniversary to “Un-Block The Music”! Hope you like my new look!  More changes to come! Boy, have I learned a lot! I learned that I still love chasing a story, and meeting new people and interviewing and writing. I learned that my initial premise of “unblocking” all music is really valid. I... Continue Reading →

“Un-Block The Music” Is Back!

Hi fans of "Un-Block The Music!" Haven’t posted in a while as I was on Jury Duty…But, I will be back in the saddle tomorrow, hoping to have a story up by Wednesday at the latest. There are great things to look forward to including info about  Broadway ‘s “Anastasia” vinyl release, interviews with Yamaha... Continue Reading →

From Un-Block The Music To You

Thanks for reading "Un-Block The Music." In the next few months, you will see a lot of exciting changes and stories as this blog really begins to come into its own character. Please Share it, Tweet it, Instagram it. And please, send me any comments and suggestions. Check out the "contact" and "about" sections on... Continue Reading →

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