Second Installment Of “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy Of A Broadway Show” To Replay Today At Noon

Photo by Jeremy Daniel


If you didn’t hear the second chapter in the story of Emergency The Musical on WYFL1180 AM last Saturday, the show, From Bullets to Broadway, Anatomy of Broadway Show, will rerun today, Saturday, April 11th at noon. Listen for “Un-Block The Music” in the beginning and at the end of the show.

Just in case you haven’t heard about the musical or the radio show. Here’s a quick recap. Like “Un-Block The Music”, radio show host, Sgt. Dan McCaughan thought it would be a great idea to follow the development of Emergency the Musical, a show, written by Jeff and Jacob Foy, as it heads from Indiana to New York. Sound fascinating? It is. Jeff is an emergency room doctor and his son Jacob is a 20-year-old college student. How did this pair with no theater experience find their way to New York City? Find out on the show. Not only will you love their story, but you will learn what it takes to get a musical from an idea to the stage.

Just to give you a little tease about what critics are saying about the show, here are a couple of quotes from the Hoosier Times written after Emergency hit the stage for the first time.

“Dr. Foy’s lyrics are a big part of this show’s splendor. He is funny, cerebral, observant, and so are his lyrics and script.”

“And what luck that he happened to have a child who could write good musical theater songs. Everyone is funny, sad or informative. Each moves the plot and is not there just to show off a writer’s talent.”

“(The show) has left Bloomington for now, and according to Jeff and Jacob Foy is aiming for New York. I think it will make it.”

Please engage with us! Send questions to Dan or to me! If they read them on the air, you will get a t-Shirt. My email is Dan’s email is info@1180wfylcom.

You also can easily search the stories “Un-Block The Music” has written leading up to this moment.  Go to :

Here are some other important links for you:

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