Att: Indie Artists


Welcome To Un-Block The Music


As a music journalist, I have found that the best artists are often those that are unsigned and working hard to get noticed.

I can help. Fill out this form and send it to me with a picture.

If it looks good and sound good, I will post it in an Indie Artist section. This could perhaps lead to a feature story as well.

If you have questions, email me at


Band Name:

Band Members:

Fill In whatever is applicable:

Record Label:

YouTube Channel:

Social Media Sites:

Latest Release (Include: songwriter, producer, mixer whoever should get kudos)

Can you characterize what kind of music it is:

Where you recorded it:

What your recording tools were:

What instruments you used: brand included, be specific:

What makes you different than other artists or bands?

Are you touring?

Your contact info:




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