Madonna Turns 60!

Madonna turns 60 today! Wow! She has defied every convention in pop music. I remember watching her performance on the very first MTV awards in 1984. I didn’t have cable TV in my house, so I gathered with a group of friends at my friend Lisa’s house. I remember Madonna crawling around the floor in... Continue Reading →

Att: Indie Artists

  Welcome To Un-Block The Music ( As a music journalist, I have found that the best artists are often those that are unsigned and working hard to get noticed. I can help. Fill out this form and send it to me with a picture. If it looks good and sound good, I will post... Continue Reading →

The Brummies Make Analog Recording Cutting Edge Again

You have probably have heard the duet “Drive Away” featuring Kacey Musgraves. Bet you have also sung along to The Band Perry’s “Done”.  And, do you watch “Nashville”?  Then, you’ve heard “Be My Girl”.  However, do you recognize the names John Davidson and Jacob Bryant? Well…pay attention, they have written all of those songs, and... Continue Reading →

Orchestral Music & Pop Become One At J.C. Santalis’ Raw Recording Studio

Whatever happened to musical artists that paint a picture and evoke drama and heart palpitations when you listen? Well…I found a few at Raw Recording in Patterson, NY. ( Thankfully, Producer/Engineer, Jean-Christophe Santalis (J.C.), Raw Recording’s owner brought together the young and talented Bond Villain (aka Robert Roche) and former “American Idol,” Kimberley Locke. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

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