Madonna Turns 60!

Madonna turns 60 today! Wow! She has defied every convention in pop music. I remember watching her performance on the very first MTV awards in 1984. I didn’t have cable TV in my house, so I gathered with a group of friends at my friend Lisa’s house. I remember Madonna crawling around the floor in her mock wedding dress! LOL! Who thought I would be starting “Un-Block The Music” and wishing her Happy Birthday all these years later?

 There is more to Madonna that that. She has worked the industry. Like her or not, she has forged roads with women, and artists as a whole. She is fearless. No specifics yet, but the word out there is that more music is on the horizon.

 Billboard listed “critics” picks for Top Madonna songs. Do you agree? What’s your favorite Madonna song?  “Crazy For You” from her very funny film, “Desperately Seeking Susan,” and “Like A Prayer” tie as my Number 1 picks.



  1. “Like a Virgin” (Like a Virgin, 1984)
  2. “Deeper and Deeper” (Erotica, 1992)
  3. “Take a Bow” (Bedtime Stories, 1994)
  4. “Holiday” (Madonna, 1983)
  5. “Hung Up” (Confessions on a Dance Floor, 2005)
  6. “Human Nature” (Bedtime Stories, 1994)
  7. “Ray of Light” (Ray of Light, 1998)
  8. “Vogue” (I’m Breathless, 1990)
  9. “Like a Prayer” (Like a Prayer, 1989)
  10. “Into the Groove” (Desperately Seeking Susan, 1985)


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