Vote For “The Arts” If You Want To Cultivate Critical Thinkers

“Un-Block The Music” was just writing up an interview I did with the very lovely, very talented Kathyrn Bostic who was recently named Scoring Artist In Residence at Berklee College of Music.

Although we weren’t talking about the election during the interview, we did talk about the need for arts in the schools. If you are reading this blog, I would bet that you want to encourage graduation of well-rounded students.

Here is a quote from Kathryn:

“When you are cultivating self-expression and nurturing individuality, you are cultivating leadership and cultivating critical thinkers. In the dumbing down of the population, you get to have more control as a leader. We have to take direction and innovate.”

Un-Block The Music stresses…state and local elections affect children more than federal elections. School funding comes from the state. So, when you cast your vote today, PLEASE VOTE FOR THE ARTS.

Look for the complete interview with Kathryn later this week.

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