Summer Outlook: “Enter Laughing,” “Emergency,” Andrew Synowiec, Pleasantville Music Festival & More

So much happening this summer in music! “Un-Block The Music” has a great line up of stories coming. Here is a tease.

Admittedly, I am a little late posting info on “Enter Laughing”. The musical, based on the original novel by Carl Reiner is a hilarious musical in the same vein as “The Rivals” and “Desperate Measures,” both of which “Un-Block The Music” has written about. “Enter Laughing” is being presented at The York Theatre in NYC. It is hugely popular and has been extended twice, and is now running through June 23. The direction and musical staging were done by Stuart Ross, and “Un-Block The Music” had the pleasure of interviewing him. Stuart also even added to the glory originally created by Joe Stein and Stan Daniels.

“Enter Laughing” stars Chris Dwan who is also one half of Stereo Dawn. (The other half of that duo is Will Van Dyke, musical director of “Pretty Woman”. Check out the story at: )

“Un-Block The Music” vows to have the interview with Stuart Ross posted before the end of this week. In the meantime, if you want to purchase tickets to “Enter Laughing,” go to:

Next, is an update on “Emergency”. If you have been following their story, the father-son team of Jeff and Jacob Foy won a competition through Tony-winning producer, Ken Davenport’s Inner Circle. They are the recipients of a $10 K grant to produce their show in New York. “Un-Block The Music” has been following their journey as it makes its way from Indiana to New York this year.  Next week, June 20th, “The Foys – It’s A Family Affair,” a musical journey of The Foy’s original musical works will be presented at The Green Room 42 in New York City.  “Emergency” will also be part of the New York Theater Festival SUMMERFEST in August. Go to the” Emergency” website to purchase tickets for both events.

In the meantime, check out the Foys’ story on this blog”

“Un-Block The Music” also recently spoke to Andrew Synowiec, a guitarist who has played on 25 Grammy-nominated recordings including his own 2015 Grammy Award win as a member of Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band. Finally, he has released his solo debut album, “Second Story.”  While some may describe this album as reminiscent of the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers, Andrew’s playing is so versatile and new. Hi experience goes beyond Rock, he has also performed on soundtracks, including a couple of little ones (kidding, not so little): “Frozen” and “The Greatest Showman.” Look for “Un-Block The Music” to post this interview in coming weeks.

One of “Un-Block The Music’s” favorite annual events is in the backyard, so to speak. The Pleasantville Music Festival performed in Westchester County, a nearby suburb of New York City (right near a train station, I might add). It will take place July 13. Headliners include Everclear, Soul Asylum, Aimee Mann and Matthew Sweet. However, the festival runs all day with several stages with many more artists, some of them local.

Remember the single “Un-Block The Music” posted from “The Voice’s” Amanda Ayala? She won the festival’s local battle of the bands contest a couple of years ago and helped open the show that year. The world of music is a small one. Check out what Amanda’s up to at:

That’s just a hint of what is to come. “Un-Block The Music” has some cool exciting interviews scheduled, and is not ready to tip the hat, but……please stay tuned.

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