Listen For The “Autumn Serenade” With This Preview From “Un-Block The Music”

What happened to summer? “Un-Block The Music” seems to ask that question every year! I certainly had a busy one going to shows and meeting people who really seem to love what I am doing! I admit it. My Social Media learning has been a little slow, but I am getting there! I still need everyone’s help…follow me! Share me! I have some amazing substance to offer this Fall!

First off, the 18th anniversary of September 11th is upon us. While we all remember where we were that morning and still feel the shock and sadness, I always feel as though we should stop and reflect on that day even more than we do. So this year, I thought, I can pay tribute in my own way. I am a blog writer after all, and that has given me the opportunity to speak to artists who have helped to heal us. You may remember, New York Police Officer, Daniel Rodriguez. At the time of the attack, Daniel became known to many as “The Voice That Healed A Nation.” “Un-Block The Music” had the pleasure of interviewing him, and that story will run next week as part of a 9-11 tribute.

Also, coming next week is an interview with Larry Lelli, the drummer for Broadway’s hit musical “Come From Away”. The show is set in Gander, Newfoundland the week following the September 11th attacks. It tells the true story of what happened when planes were ordered to land there as part of Canada’s Operation Yellow Ribbon. Canada was trying to help remove potentially destructive air traffic away from U.S. targets by directing planes to land in their provinces, Newfoundland being one of them. “Un-Block The Music” was intending to see the show this week, but unforeseen circumstances prevented that. Hopefully that will be rectified next week. Larry was such a great interview, so look for this!

Another upcoming story on “Un-Block The Music” will be an update on “Emergency,” the musical I have been following since the father and son team of Jeff and Jacob Foy won a grant from Ken Davenport’s Inner Circle competition. It ran during New York Theater’s Summerfest to critical review (“Un-Block The Music” was there first!!!)   And, I was able to catch up with the duo for more exciting updates. BTW, the last show sold out and they were asked to do another! I smell a hit!

Also coming on “Un-Block The Music” is an interview John Lissauer who produced and arranged “Hallelujah” for Leonard Cohen. That arrangement is being inducted in The GRAMMY Hall of Fame! (Do you think Shrek will be upset?)

Also on tap are interviews with GRAMMY award winning Producer/Remixer Dave Aude (Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars) and Producer Joe Solo (Macy Gray, Fergie) as well as composer/conductor Deborah Hurwitz (Cirque Du Soleil, Cyndi Lauper).

That is a start. Look forward to autumn. Sammy Gallop and Peter De Rose said it best in their song “Autumn Serenade”

Let the years come and go,
I’ll still feel the glow that time can not fade
When I hear that lovely autumn serenade.



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