Go Fund Me! It’s An “Emergency”! Follow The Musical’s Steps To The Stage

“Un-Block The Music” has been very tardy getting this story up, but life has been getting in my way. I have so much great stuff coming. However, on top of the list, is my continuing coverage of “Emergency,” the musical. A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of seeing “The Music of The Foys—It’s A Family Affair” at The Green Room 42 in NYC. The cabaret previewed a lot of the songs that will be part of the New York Theater Festival presentation of their work this summer.

To refresh your memory, Jeff and Jacob Foy are the father and son team that received Tony-winning producer, Ken Davenport’s Inner Circle Grant for their musical. As a “real-life” Emergency Room Doctor, Jeff always enjoyed writing lyrics in his not so spare time, but he never played a musical instrument. As a lover of theater, Jeff told me he thought so many times that the emergency room would be a great setting for a musical. He said, “I knew I couldn’t actually write a musical because I couldn’t write music! Then, as Jacob became more proficient on piano, the idea just seemed to be one that made sense. So, one night, when Jacob was 16 years old, I went into his room and said ‘I have this crazy idea. What do you think about writing a musical?’ He said, ‘let’s do it!’”

And they did.  The cabaret was a step in their musical’s journey to the stage. The cabaret’s musical director was Ryan Cantwell known for his work on the upcoming “Bat At Of Hell’ at Lincoln Center and tours such as “Finding Neverland”. He currently is in Australia working on casting for “Waitress” (If you read this blog, you know that’s one of “Un-Block The Music’s” favorite shows.)  The cabaret cast included Maddie Shea Baldwin and Matthew Hougland both of whom will be in the Festival presentation.

I can give you the list of songs in the show, but I recommend you take a listen. https://www.emergencymusical.com/the-music

The highlight of the Cabaret for Un-Block The Music came when Jacob sat down at the piano for the beautiful song, “Someone Else’s Dream.” Jacob is a junior in college. What?????

Jeff says, “Jacob and I have been working so hard over the past 3 years to get Emergency to the stage, and we are almost there!  Our show is a story that needs to be told. It’s a story that will make people laugh, but will also touch their hearts….Producing this show in New York is so expensive.” They need your help! The Foys have created a gofundme page. https://www.gofundme.com/f/emergency-the-musical?rcid=r01-15615168169-5cccf6f96cf74423&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w

And…..for tickets to “Emergency” at The New York Theater Festival, go to http://newyorktheaterfestival.com/emergency/ It will be presented at Hudson Guild Theater in NYC, August 19, 21 and 25.


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