“Un-Block The Music” Hits The Radio This Weekend with “Emergency The Musical” & WFYL 1180AM

“Un-Block The Music” has a fun announcement! I am going to part of a new radio show called From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show. It will be on AM 1180 WFYL Radio every Saturday at noon (NYC time) starting this weekend, March 21. Just tune your radio to WFYL 1180AM or you can listen LIVE on your digital device at  www.BroadwayBullets.com.


Wait..  Bullets??? What??? Let me explain. The show will be hosted by someone you think might be unlikely, Brooklyn-born Sgt Daniel McCaughan, an Air Force Veteran who hosts the radio show Veteran’s Voice. Dan is not only a vet, radio host, entrepreneur and overall bad ass, but he is also a lover of Broadway. He is working on writing his own show and is part of a theater writing group mentored by Producer Ken Davenport. I know you remember Ken, the Tony winning producer of Once On This Island and mentor to Jeff and Jacob Foy, creators of Emergency, The Musical. If you have been reading this blog, you have seen my stories about Jeff and Jacob’s journey to the stage from concept to actual production. Also, like me, Dan is fascinated with their story. So, he had the idea to create a radio show following their progress. For me, it was a no brainer to call the Sargent and see if I could help.vet

The idea clicked and Dan thought it would be exciting to take the show a step further with “Un-Block The Music.” At the end of each episode, you will hear from me! I will make some comments then guide listeners to the blog to hear more from the guest star of the week. I know this will make the anatomy of a Broadway show especially fascinating.

As of now, there are 18 episodes scheduled of From Bullets To Broadway. I hope you will listen, come to the blog and comment further. If you scroll down, there is a follow button on the right..hit it! Then, you won’t miss a post. More news to follow about social media! 😊

By the way, Jeff is a real ER doctor and is doing his part to help patients and get control of the Corona Virus which has shut down all theater at least until April 13. “Un-Block The Music,” will continue to write stories during this crisis, which I hope will some how entertain you while we all quarantine and beat the spread of this crazy disease. Let’s get away from the TV and engage with each other!!!

Check out previous stories about “Emergency”







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