“Emergency” Creators To Bring Two Shows To The NY Stage This Summer

Photo by Jeremy Daniel


It’s time to catch up with The Foys…Jeff and Jacob. You may remember that “Un-Block The Music” is following the father and son duo’s journey to off-Broadway with their musical Emergency. Well, not only are these talented and ambitious men bringing Emergency to NYC this summer, but they have already secured a theater for their show called One Night Only, opening July 30 at The Players Theatre in Greenwich Village.

Just to refresh your memory, Emergency was the winner of Tony award-winning producer Ken Davenport’s Inner Circle. With that win came $10,000 and mentorship from Ken (Godpsell, Kinky Boots). Jeff and Jacob then entered their show for a chance to perform during New York Theater Festival’s Summerfest. They got in! As a result, a cabaret of their music was performed at Green Room 42 in New York City. And, best of all, they performed Emergency to sold out houses at the Hudson Guild Theater this past August.

“Un-Block The Music” is not the only one to notice Jeff and Jacob. They were just asked to be the feature on Sgt. Daniel McCaughan’s Fox radio show…ah…a military guy with a love for Broadway. I love it! There will be eighteen 30-minute episodes, each discussing a different facet of their journey from Indiana to New York City.  “We are so excited that we will have this terrific opportunity to spread the word about our show(s)!,” Jeff said.

“Un-Block The Music” has talked a lot about Emergency, but has only mentioned One Night Only in passing. Jeff recently talked to me more about its premise and where they are in the process of bringing the show to New York. As the story goes, the lead character, Marty, is a lovable loser father who works as a video game tester. He’s the kind of dad that really doesn’t parent which doesn’t sit well with his ex-wife. She says, “I am tired of you promising things you can’t deliver.”

That’s when Marty accidentally promises Beck and Becca will come to their daughter’s birthday party. He thought they were just two kids in his daughter’s class, when, in reality, they were a music duo that not only broke up their act, but their romance as well. The ex-wife says, “I’m tired of this. We are moving away. I am not letting you hurt her anymore.” He says, “if I can actually get them to the party, will you stay?” Not having any confidence in Marty, she says…  “sure”. The rest of the show focuses on Marty trying to reassemble Beck and Becca.

Like Emergency, the show is funny and heartwarming, and the music is described by Jeff as Broadway Rock. “We had a reading at Jake’s college in January. We are rewriting and working on getting the soundtrack recorded.”  Jake’s college is The University of Indiana. Jake is only 20 years old! And, did I mention, Jeff is an emergency room doctor. High achievers? Yes!!

In March, The Foys are coming to New York to cast both shows. While the exact details of Emergency’s run have not been nailed down as yet, suffice to say, Jake will be taking on a larger role in the production this time around, Jeff says.

What makes “Un-Block The Music” want to follow the Foys’ journey has to do with the way their shows make you feel. While Phantom of The Opera and Rent are in my top favorite show list, I also love Mamma Mia and Be More Chill. It’s just nice to feel good. Jeff agrees. “The world is heavy enough, sometimes you want to be away from it and get involved in something that makes you feel happy and hopeful. I believe both shows will do that.”

Me too!

These stories will help you get up to speed on The Foys’ journey. If you don’t subscribe to “Un-Block The Music” already, scroll down and hit follow, and you won’t miss a thing!







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