American Idol’s Kimberley Locke Debuts Her One-Woman Show At The White Plains Performing Arts Center This Weekend

While “Un-Block The Music” fought the digital music revolution for a lot years because of its unnatural sound quality, I had to relent and start listening to music on my phone. However, that does not mean I don’t crave live music with an orchestra. That’s why “Un-Block The Music” is excited to announce that Kimberley Locke of American Idol fame (Season 2) is playing at the White Plains Performing Arts Center in New York this weekend, February, 15th at 8 p.m.

When I first started this blog almost two years ago, Kimberley was an early supporter, and I want to enthusiastically support her one woman show The Sum of All Parts. Basically, the show is “biographical based on my musical journey and influences and the people I looked up to as I grew up singing. I tell a lot of real stories and I connect the story with the music. What I am really excited about is that when people leave the show, even my friends, will learn something new about me,” she told “Un-Block The Music.”

The Sum of All Parts has been a long time in the making, she explain., Kimberley participates in Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation’s  Help Is On The Way Benefit in Northern California almost every year. (The event provides aid for HIV services, hunger programs and support for homeless and disenfranchised youth ( Anyway, it was here that she met the show’s director, David Galligan. “After our initial meeting, where he scared the BeJesus out of me and made me cry, we became really good friends and a big part of my life. A few years into our friendship, he said, ‘I want to do a show with you.’ And, that was our annual conversation.” So here they are 10 years later finally putting the show on stage.

“David said, ‘if we are going to write a show, I have to move East.’ I said ‘yeah’ as a joke. Then the last time I was in California, he told me that he bought a house sight unseen in Connecticut. After living in California his whole life, he picked up and moved, and now thinks it’s the best thing ever,” Kimberley tells “Un-Block The Music.” “I love him so much.”

The Sum of All Parts has a 12-piece orchestra which Kimberley is really excited about. “When we had our first rehearsal and they began playing, I actually started crying. We all have these milestones for which we hold ourselves to the fire. And, this was it for me. I feel like once I do this show, my world opens up in a different way. I have been holding this in my body, and now I get to release it and it is exactly as I wanted it to be,” she says. “It’s a throwback to days when artists like Judy Garland got on stage in a beautiful dress at Carnegie Hall and just sang.” “Un-Block The Music” asks “how could you not love this?”

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