Dave Aude Thrills With #1 Dance Remixes, Sometimes From Unlikely Sources

“Un-Block The Music” is always so damn excited about all kinds of music, that somehow I get swallowed up by what I am writing about at the moment. If you have been reading this blog, it is evident that Broadway musicals (and how they often relate to pop music) have become a big part of my life. However, last week I went back to my roots, the beginning of my career, when I attended The Audio Engineering Show (AES) at the Javits Center in New York City. Not only did I connect with old friends, but I also found connections with new ones.

“Un-Block The Music” was on a roll this past summer. I still have interviews waiting to be written up. However, at AES, I found out about a connection between two of those interviewees. I not only had the good fortune of talking to Dave Aude but I also have spoken to John Lissauer. What is their connection? Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

John Lissauer is a composer, producer, and performer. John produced and arranged the first, iconic recording of “Hallelujah”. That version of the song was just inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. (More of John’s story in another piece).

Then there is the infamous Dave Aude who was talking to me recently about his Grammy winning work on the remix of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” and his recent production work on Sting’s album, My Songs, when the song “Hallelujah,” popped up again. Dave said, “I did a Leonard Cohen remix with Leonard’s son who is also putting together music that has never been released. ‘Hallelujah’ is a song that works with every generation…like ‘Happy Birthday!”” Once again proving music is the force that brings generations together. (I’ll get off my soapbox.)

As for Dave, he has created twelve #1 Billboard Dance Tracks. Who could have imagined Sting’s “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free” would be on the dance chart in 2019 after it was a #3 pop/rock hit for Sting in 1985? The relationship with Sting started with a remix Dave did in 2001 of “Send Your Love”. From there, Sting performed Dave’s remix of “Brand New Day” on New Year’s Eve 2017 in New York City. Despite the pouring rain, it went over well, so he asked Dave to help with the whole album.

It was a crazy time. Sting was doing his play The Last Ship in Toronto. “He would show up to the venue, get in makeup and wardrobe, do a couple of scenes, go back stage, record vocals and send them to me. Not only is he a machine, he is one of the nicest and most talented individuals I have ever worked with. If you listen to ‘Desert Rose’ or ‘Brand New Day,’ I re-did the vocals. Instead of drowning the vocals in reverb, I flipped it. Sting just wanted to update production. His current vocals sound as good or better than they did in 1985.”

Dave and I had such fun talking that I didn’t ask as many questions as I usually do. I just listened to the music as you should too. Dave’s motto is “I love getting up every day and making a living doing what I love.” How does that cliché go? If you love what you do, you will never work a day.

If Sting is not your vibe, there is always the work that Dave has done with Sara Bareilles, Sabrina Carpenter, Maren Morris, Selena Gomez….and the awe-inspiring Lady Gaga! Dave’s Audacious Records imprint has a bit of everything.  “Un-Block The Music” receives Dave’s remixes by email. I just received Kelsea Ballerini’s “Miss Me More”. Check out his website https://daveaude.com/

Also, in this vein, “Un-Block The Music” spoke with Composer/Producer Joe Solo (Fergie, Macy Gray) about his music success workshop “Big In A Box” and of course, as promised, I have a story about the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus which I visited. So, keep watch for these articles and more. “Un-Block The Music” will post a calendar in the next few days.

Next up….John Lissauer who has worked with many greats including Bette Midler and Loudon Wainwright…not to mention Daniel Rodriguez! https://unblockthemusic.blog/2019/09/11/18-years-after-the-terrorist-attacks-daniel-rodriguez-is-still-the-voice-that-heals-a-nation/



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