What Are You Doing Tonite? Watching A Holiday Show, With Seasonal Music & Original Songs From Safe & Sound (With Guests, Jacob Foy & S.C.!!!)

Experience some holiday magic for a good cause tonight! Holly Block and Elizabeth Jerjian, the creators of Safe & Sound, The Musical (https://www.safeandsoundmusical.com/), have a treat in store with their virtual holiday show this evening, December 5 at 8 p.m. (Eastern time). Not only will you have a night of enjoyment, you will help raise... Continue Reading →

Check Out “Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe”: A New Release From Melissa Errico & Lara Downes In Support Of “Broadway For Biden”

As the lines for early voting keep getting longer and longer, “Un-Block The Music” is posting a video to infuse you with enthusiasm to exercise your right no matter how long it takes. Melissa Errico and Lara Downes’s rendition of “Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe” is part of “Broadway for Biden”’s efforts. (www.BroadwayForBiden.com).... Continue Reading →

Women Wednesdays: “My Fair Lady’s” Melissa Errico Shares Success With Her Mentors Who Prod Her, Cheer Her, & Prod Her Again!—Part 1

Finally! “Un-Block The Music” brings you my extended interview with the talented Melissa Errico promised to you earlier this summer. As this blog continues to grow, I find that while all artists are different, they also come from a similar place in their heart. I hope that reading “Un-Block The Music’s” (UBTM) interviews during the... Continue Reading →

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