WFYL 1180 AM’s New Episode of “From Bullets To Broadway” Saturday, Jan. 16 At Noon Features “Emergency’s” Scene Stealer Jaiden Klein

A new episode of “From Bullets To Broadway, Anatomy of A Broadway Show, Featuring Emergency The Musical” will air on Saturday, January 16 at 12 noon on WFYL 1180AM. This episode promises to make clear why the legendary warning for actors has been “never act with kids or pets”. This week’s special guest is Jaiden... Continue Reading →

Women Wonders: “Ratatouille’s” Music Director Emily Marshall Shares Stories On Steps That Got Her To Cutting Edge Broadway

Once again…with “Un-Block The Music,” I have found another soul sister of sorts…Emily Marshall, the musical director for Ratatouille! Like myself, Emily’s musical genes came from her mom’s side of the family. “My grandfather on my mother’s side had his own band. He conducted, arranged, played sax and clarinet. He taught himself to play sax... Continue Reading →

From Bullets To Broadway Topic Spawned By Emergency Room “Exhausteration”; Rebroadcast Jan. 2 At Noon, WFYL1180AM

Happy Holidays Everyone! “Un-Block The Music” has been off the spectrum! Christmas is always my favorite time of year. I usually love to be in the middle of NYC seeing shows and visiting the beautifully decorated department store windows, visiting Rockefeller Center and the holiday markets in Bryant and Central Parks. Of course, seeing family... Continue Reading →

“The Nice List” Director, Alan Muraoka, Takes A Holiday To Travel From His “Sesame Street” Home

Musical theater students have told “Un-Block The Music,” that one of the biggest problems with theater training in school is that “timing” is unrealistic. Shows come together in weeks, not months. And, although this pandemic has seemingly allowed artists more time for projects, in reality, creation time has been sped up not slowed down. Case... Continue Reading →

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