Women Wonders: Kate Baldwin & Julianne Merrill Chat About Maestra, The Pandemic, Re-Opening Broadway & “An Enlightened New Normal”

Damn! If you are having a gloomy week with all of this crazy weather throughout the U.S. Or, are you just ready to finally get out in the world and celebrate, here’s a song to pump you up!!!“Amplify,” written by Lynne Shankel and featuring Shoshanna Bean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsMBm7jKVHM&ab_channel=MaestraMusic Wow!!! “Un-Block The Music” has been dragging along... Continue Reading →

Women Wonders: “Bring It On’s” Amanda Green Becomes First Woman President Of The Dramatists Guild

“Un-Block The Music” wants to shout out Congratulations to lyricist-composer Amanda Green for being elected the first woman president of The Dramatists Guild, the national, professional membership trade association of theatre writers, including playwrights, composers, lyricists and librettists. If you don’t recognize Amanda’s name, you don’t know what you are missing! “Un-Block The Music” profiled... Continue Reading →

Women Wonders: Know Her From TV? Gabrielle Ruiz Talks About Dance Roots, Upcoming Bite-Sized Broadway & What It Means To Be Latina In Theater

While it seems that live theater is making rumbles with New York Mayor DeBlasio saying Fall could be a real re-opening date, Bite Sized Broadway forges ahead with original mini musicals. “Un-Block The Music” has been patiently awaiting the April 5th premiere of MTA which stars today’s “Woman Wonders” subject the multi-talented Gabrielle Ruiz. While... Continue Reading →

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