Women Wonders: Know Her From TV? Gabrielle Ruiz Talks About Dance Roots, Upcoming Bite-Sized Broadway & What It Means To Be Latina In Theater

While it seems that live theater is making rumbles with New York Mayor DeBlasio saying Fall could be a real re-opening date, Bite Sized Broadway forges ahead with original mini musicals. “Un-Block The Music” has been patiently awaiting the April 5th premiere of MTA which stars today’s “Woman Wonders” subject the multi-talented Gabrielle Ruiz. While... Continue Reading →

Women Wonders: Twenty-Somethings Holly Block & Elizabeth Jerjian Unapologetically Premiere Their Musical “Safe & Sound” At Front Row Fringe

The inaugural Front Line Fringe Festival opens this weekend with 17 shows! Safe and Sound The Musical will premiere on Saturday night, March 13 at 10 p.m. Eastern/9 p.m. Central time. Tickets are on sale at  https://www.safeandsoundmusical.com/. We often speak of kismet in relation to the perfect destiny of lovers coming together. There was even... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Women All Week!

It’s International Woman’s Day, and it is time for “Un-Block The Music” to celebrate as well! One year ago this week, “Un-Block The Music” had the idea to create a column highlighting women in music, and it has really taken off  in popularity. As a result of the “Women Wonders” column, I have met amazing,... Continue Reading →

Women Wonders: “Ratatouille’s” Music Director Emily Marshall Shares Stories On Steps That Got Her To Cutting Edge Broadway

Once again…with “Un-Block The Music,” I have found another soul sister of sorts…Emily Marshall, the musical director for Ratatouille! Like myself, Emily’s musical genes came from her mom’s side of the family. “My grandfather on my mother’s side had his own band. He conducted, arranged, played sax and clarinet. He taught himself to play sax... Continue Reading →

What Are You Doing Tonite? Watching A Holiday Show, With Seasonal Music & Original Songs From Safe & Sound (With Guests, Jacob Foy & S.C.!!!)

Experience some holiday magic for a good cause tonight! Holly Block and Elizabeth Jerjian, the creators of Safe & Sound, The Musical (https://www.safeandsoundmusical.com/), have a treat in store with their virtual holiday show this evening, December 5 at 8 p.m. (Eastern time). Not only will you have a night of enjoyment, you will help raise... Continue Reading →

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