What Are You Doing Tonite? Watching A Holiday Show, With Seasonal Music & Original Songs From Safe & Sound (With Guests, Jacob Foy & S.C.!!!)

Experience some holiday magic for a good cause tonight! Holly Block and Elizabeth Jerjian, the creators of Safe & Sound, The Musical (https://www.safeandsoundmusical.com/), have a treat in store with their virtual holiday show this evening, December 5 at 8 p.m. (Eastern time). Not only will you have a night of enjoyment, you will help raise... Continue Reading →

Women Wonders: Writer/Musician Phoebe Kreutz Offers Tips To Get On Santa’s “Nice List” With A Little Help From Her Avenue Q/Aladdin Friends

Do you need a little Christmas? Right this very minute? “Un-Block The Music” encourages you to check out The Nice List  with book and lyrics by the latest “Woman Wonder”, Phoebe Kreutz. (BTW…music is by Gary Adler, composer Altar Boyz, musical director Avenue Q and directed by Sesame’s Street’s Mr. Hooper, Alan Muraoka). The Nice... Continue Reading →

Women Wednesdays: Let Karen Mason Entertain You Through The Pandemic

It’s Women Wednesday, and “Un-Block The Music” is whetting your appetite for the next exceptional woman I interviewed.  It’s Karen Mason! Karen is part of the next TWO Bite-Sized Broadway shows that I featured on the blog last week   ( https://unblockthemusic.blog/2020/10/06/get-your-fix-of-new-musical-theater-twice-a-month-on-bite-sized-broadway-a-mini-musical-podcast/). And, that’s not all. What are you doing tonight? Available? Buy a ticket to Karen’s... Continue Reading →

Women Wednesdays: Stevie Wonder, Beyonce & Donna Summer Have 1 Thing In Common: Victoria Theodore!

Feelings of joy envelope you when speaking with Pianist/Composer/Musical Director Victoria Theodore. “Un-Block The Music” appreciates such delight and positivity every day! “The prevailing concept in my life is gratefulness,” she said.  People recognize that energy, and it serves her tremendously, and I believe it is a huge part of her success. While one of... Continue Reading →

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